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“Besides business, Joe has helped me on the softer right brained issues....”  

I have had the good fortune of working with Joe for several years now. While I have had many coaches of various skill levels through the years, I consider Joe to be among the best. His patience, wisdom & insight are truly amazing. However, what really sets him apart is the passion he has for helping other people. The man will simply give everything he has to help someone live a better life. And don’t think that just because he has a CPA background that his only tool is helping with financial and tax issues. As a tax attorney, I am already very familiar with those disciplines. Where Joe has helped me is on the softer right brained issues that hold so many of us back. I think the highest compliment I can give is suggesting that you as a business owner hire him. I refer him to my best friends and clients to help them solve their most difficult challenges.

Todd M. Villarrubia, Attorney/Entrepreneur   
Clarity of Focus. “Joe’s direct style of communication cuts through the minutiae...”  

Joe and I are both very outcome and productivity oriented. Joe is insightful and has a wealth of practical business experience that has helped me improve my decision making and prioritization process, resulting in better organization of my businesses, better results where I invest and focus my time as well as an overall increase in productivity and output from me and my team. Joe’s direct style of communication cuts through the minutiae and unimportant details that can bog down the executive decision process, leading to better outcomes. Overall, Joe has helped me greatly increase my business by designing systems that are outcome and profit focused first, activity and process focused second.

Dean Powery, Entrepreneur   
Joe is a great connector  

Above all Joe is a great connector. I have known Joe for about a year now. As soon as I met Joe, he invited me to a networking group, and continued to give me some guidance. Joe never knew for sure what his guidance and thoughtful giving would lead to. It led to me having a new position with my company, developing two other passions for myself outside my 9-5 career, meeting many great individuals, including some new friends, and above all just being happier that I know more about who I am and how to get the most out of my life!

Tyler LeBlanc, Financial Advisor   
“Joe was instrumental to changing the way that I think...”  

Joe has been instrumental to changing the way that I think about problems and obstacles in my professional life. His analytical and pragmatic approach to mentorship have helped improve my critical thinking skills and developed me into a sharper professional. I am grateful for his time, energy and enthusiasm. I count it a blessing to have him as a resource to help celebrate my successes and approach my challenges.

Daniel H., Campaign Manager   
Joe was able to point out hidden talents that he observed throughout the group as he spoke  

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Joe Liss through Master Networks. In fact, he spoke at the Master Networks workshop on DISC profiling and 2018 goal setting on November 10, 2017. Joe closed our workshop out with a bang! He was able to testify about his own profile and give some input on other behavioral styles in the room. He shared experiences , knowledge, and as we listened he was able to speak but also observe which is a skill I do not see very often. He was able to point out hidden talents that he observed throughout the group as he spoke and connected with people in a way that open a flood gate of tears and relief. He pointed out how each and every one of us have gifts that we may not consider gifts. Meanwhile, there are people next to you amazed at that skill/talent you have. He taught me to embrace who you are and keep moving forward. He also gave insight on how important our goals are and how they will propel us to our next great chapter. I look forward to the next chapter where Joe Liss is involved. Thank you so much for you time and wisdom.

Vyctoria Estopinal, Metairie Bank CSR   
“Joe has a unique ability to listen , not judge...”  

Joe has a unique ability to listen , not judge; influence and not push. He thinks before he speaks and always has a rationale and experience to back his thoughts, advice or encouragement.
He loves what he does which makes it a pleasure to be with him as he focuses on my improvements personally and in my business.

Mark Brown, BrownRice Marketing   
Very Inspiring. “Joe took the time to listen and helped me decide on my next direction”  

I met Joe through Master Networks. Staying in the same industry, I was in the process of searching for a new company to work for. Not having many other professionals to really lean on, I asked Joe to meet me for coffee to discuss my options. Even though we had just met only a few months before, he took the time to listen to my thoughts and put those into perspective to help me decide on my next direction. In my particular situation, we met on a small scale but I have confidence that in a group discussion, he'd be the same professional person. Thanks Joe!

Barb Hogan, Sales   
Joe’s coaching got me promoted...  

Joe’s coaching resulted in me getting the promotion I’ve sought for 20 years. His advice changed my life

Tony, Director of Operations   
I would absolutely recommend Joe to anyone who owns... a family business.  

I met Joe in 2014 at an evening social networking event. We hit it off immediately and spoke most of the night concerning the issues and aspirations that I had with my family business. I knew immediately that I had found someone to discuss all business and personal issues with. I have been meeting with him monthly since that evening. Joe does a great job of listening and asking the right questions to make you think deeper about your situation. After coaching both my partner and I separately and together, he helped us learn each other’s management style. In turn this lead to less daily conflict in the business. I would absolutely recommend Joe to anyone who owns a business especially a family business.

Blake deBautte, President   
“We discovered my daily pains and how to eliminate them...”  

I worked with Joe for several months trying to isolate what was bothering me with my business and life. Throughout the process we eventually discovered what my daily pains were and how to eliminate them. There were several things that Joe encouraged me to implement in my business which I still use to this day.

Michael Fredrick, Owner/Operator   
Joe is a great coach and easy to work with  

Joe Liss is a great coach and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing executive coaching services.

Jerry Plough, business development   
“Joe’s tools enabled the group to focus, ask questions, present solutions...”  

I met Joe through some mutual business associates. Immediately, I could tell that he was someone whom I would like to know better. I joined one of his groups in order to present some problems that I'd been facing, and to help others with their issues. The tools that Joe gave us to work these problems were wonderful. They enabled the group to focus on the issue at hand, to ask questions, and to present possible solutions in the best way possible. I would (and already have!) recommend Joe to anyone that needs a group like this or person like him. Thank you so much, Joe!

Matthew Patterson, President   
“Joe has a wise and gentle approach...”  

I have the pleasure of knowing Joe for 3 years and have developed a special friendship with him and his wife, Annette! They are both vivacious, caring and open people willing to pour into others! Joe helped me with a personal issue by sharing a "formula" for dialogue to use in a difficult situation and it really helped. I was able to focus on the "formula" and the goal instead of getting tangled up in my emotions. It provided me the opportunity to regain a treasured relationship. Joe has a wise and gentle approach and brings value to those who he meets!

Lisa Hudson, Executive   
“Joe has excellent technical, finance and accounting skills on top of general problem solving”  

I have been working with Joe now for over two years as a founding member of his Vistage group. He has been a big help in both growing my business, Hernandez Consulting & Construction, and helping to manage our explosive growth, evident in being named to Inc 500/5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the U.S. on 5 occasions. What Joe brings to the table that I feel is different from many other business coaches is that he has excellent technical skills when it comes to finance and accounting, on top of the general problem solving, management consulting type issues processing. Not only has Joe forged a good relationship with me as the business owner but he has also gone the extra mile to get to know some of my senior managers to not only help develop them but also better advise me on issues as they arise.

Alex Hernandez, Owner/CEO   

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