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February 24, 2018
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Powerpoint still has its uses

My millennial friend Richie will read the title of this post and say “Joe, you believe this cuz you’re OLD!”. Maybe so, but hear me out…

I was at a presentation and the speaker couldn’t get his projector to work. So he began presenting his concept without it. The rule is that you are the presentation, not Powerpoint. If you need visuals that’s an indicator that you don’t know your material. That can be true but it’s not a rule! This guy knew his stuff. Fortunately I had a cable piece in my briefcase that made things work (Yep, Joe helped with the tech stuff. Richie would be stunned!). The entire presentation changed. People think in pictures. The brain processes in pictures. No matter what this guy said he could not be as effective without the visuals. So the lesson is not to get rid of Powerpoint. Use it for pictures! Videos, Action. Break your talk up and let your audience enter your world beyond words. If your’e still using 3 bullet points on a slide, that’s called “Death by Powerpoint”. STOP IT!

Now I have to go because my big box computer is too far away from my rotary dial phone and the cord isn’t long enough. I have to call Richie. 🙂

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