All my life experiences, good and not so good, made me who I am, prepared me for what I do. I am grateful.

It took several years to right my ship. I am now remarried and in a career I love. Life is rich.

About Joe Liss


The maturing years

After graduating from the University of New Orleans and working with the international accounting firm, Arthur Young, I was a principal and partner in a public accounting firm for 25 years. A position of leadership in a business taught me how to deal with people. Much of what I learned came from the mistakes I made as well as my successes. If accounting was simply about numbers all anyone would need is a calculator! Negotiating through the jungles, sometimes mine fields, of people’s minds when it comes to their money is a delicate vocation. I found that dealing with people was far more intriguing than numbers.

Enter group and individual coaching

Nothing has been more meaningful than dealing with people in a holistic way. It is folly for people to try to live their life in a compartmentalized fashion, separating business, personal, social, and spiritual. By learning to deal with ourselves holistically, more is accomplished, integrity is solidified, and relationships are more fulfilling.

JoeRedShirtNoHatI am you

I worked long hours and the intensity of my job resulted in extreme isolation. Due to lack of peers and no one to confide in I was haunted by self doubt. You can imagine how that flowed into my personal life with my family. I ended up divorced and alone.

The rebuilding process began when I stopped working debilitating hours and focused on my highest purposes. I went to events and met people and developed deep relationships that I maintain today.

Regrettably, for many of the reasons stated in the section of this website “kNOwExcuses”, I never joined a peer group, never had an executive coach. It took several years to right my ship. I am now remarried and in a career I love. Life is rich. As a coach, besides exercising the extensive training I receive, I find deep satisfaction in my owner/CEO group. Commitment goes both ways. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing people grow and blossom. It’s a stark contrast to the life I lived when I needed a coach and peer group and didn’t even realize it! It makes it impossible to take my current situation for granted.

I’m known as a “Gapper”. I help you eliminate the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Let’s get together and start working on your gaps. It’s a lot easier sharing the load than trying to carry that burden yourself. And I care. Let’s connect soon!