Your Peer Group will be the foundation for eliminating isolation and focusing direction.

CEOs/business owners tend to retreat within themselves for answers. Reaching out for help is far more productive.

Do you need a peer Group?

What’s the need for peer groups in the age of technology? Isn’t it more practical to do things electronically? If I really need to “see” someone, aren’t online meetings sufficient? The peer group has everything to do with the power of people when they trust one another, spend time together, and care enough to tell the kind truth. Media will never replace that person-to-person experience.

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We need human interaction

The need for human interaction is higher than ever before. Think of your own relationships. Is electronic media enough for fulfillment and completeness? Can you build deep, meaningful relationships through electronic media? Do you need to look someone in the eye, view their body language, feel the grip of a handshake, experience the warmth of their smile?

Who joins peer groups?

We have a group of handpicked CEOs/Business owners, leaders, brilliant minds helping each other transform personally, professionally and organizationally. There’s no question that every single member is working hard to develop their organization. The advice, counsel, and accountability from highly qualified peers is unquestionably the core for furthering their business success. And yet, compassion is clearly one dimension to the experience that keeps CEOs coming back year after year. Your peer group quickly moves beyond a talented board of experts into a trusted team of advisors – and friends. Where else can you let down your guard completely, in complete safety?

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Another unplanned satisfaction comes from the opportunity to help a peer. It’s so strange that so many on one hand want the joy of contributing to others, yet feel they are imposing when asking for help. Clearly, working not only on your business challenges, but helping your peer succeed in their business as well, is meaningful and satisfying at a very deep level. And willingly accepting help from members opens an avenue that most have never allowed themselves to experience. The result is enriching the very lives of its membership. We never know when these opportunities to help and be helped will arise but all of our encounters are designed to make it happen. I call it Planned Serendipity ©.

How does the coaching process work?

At monthly meetings, we discuss our challenges and opportunities, leverage our wisdom and experience, and benefit from each other’s agenda-free recommendations. And like they say in Vegas, what happens in the meetings, stays in the meetings. We operate on a foundation of trust and confidentiality.

8 months a year we meet privately as a group for half the day. The other half is filled with a vetted presenter who leads a workshop on their area of expertise. There’s the opportunity to get specific feedback and if appropriate you may hire these presenters to work within your own company. The other 4 months of the year we meet for the full day without presenters, working on the specific issues and concerns of the group.

Every month I meet with each member individually for 90 minutes. Often this meeting stretches beyond 90 minutes if the issues justify more time. We explore privately your most important concerns and decide if, when, and how to bring issues to the group.JobsTeams

What results may I anticipate?

  • More business success
  • Better leadership acumen
  • Less hours worked
  • Quality time with your family
  • Deeper relationships

How do I find out if the Group is for me?

This is not the typical club or association. Although you will fill out a membership application and pay dues, it is no guarantee of membership. You will visit the group so everyone can get acquainted. There can be no competing interests between any member and an applicant. If there is, the possibility to be totally transparent and open disappears, inhibiting Group progress and chemistry. The Group and applicant must be comfortable with each other.

Think a peer group may be for you? Contact me.

I want to be a resource for you.

And I care.